Thursday, May 30, 2019

Verdicts (O'Dell)

The Verdicts were believed to be from the Baltimore, Maryland area. If you like the moody sound of the 1960's you will enjoy both sides of this record. The group's "Turtle Neck Sweaters" on side 2 is probably the most known of the two songs on the 45.  I like "Love Is Vain" on side 1 as well. It has a slight Gerry and the Pacemakers sound.
                                                                                   Turtle Neck Sweaters 

                                                                                        Love's In Vain

Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Sunsets ( K D R )

In late 1974 The Sunsets from Elgin, Illinois released this 45. As you can tell from my copy of the record it is well used but even so the groups talent still shines thru. "I'll do whatever you want" starts off low and gradually builds to have a thumping beat. The flipside "Sunrise in Eden" is slower and has haunting vocals. Both songs are excellent.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

St. George and The Dragons (Dragon)

Hello to all. In the mid 1960's the music scene in the Sacramento, California area had many good bands. One of those I wanted to highlight on the blog today. In 1965 the group St. George and the Dragons released their only record. The band's song "Trust Me" was featured on the compilation album The Sound Of Young Sacramento. For some strange reason the flip side "Donna Alone" which is quite good was not. Hope you enjoy the record as much as I do.

                                                                                             Donna Alone

                                                                                                 Trust Me

Monday, April 8, 2019

The Pebbles (RPH)

I always enjoyed the Florida Rocks Again podcast hosted by Mal Thursday. Good stuff! The Pebbles from St. Petersburg was one of the 45's featured on the show. It was released in 1965. The Group consisted of Joe Camuccio (Vocals), Dennis Downey (Rhythm Guitar), Bill Berthold (Drums), Ray Griffin (Bass) and Ralph Straight (Lead Guitar). The song "Endless Tears" was popular regionally and was included on the Psychedelic Crown Jewels Vol.3 compilation album that came out in 2000. The Flipside "Vicki" has a Mersey beat sound. Unfortunately for us it was the groups only record.

                                                                                       Endless Tears


Monday, April 1, 2019

The Gems (Century)

Featured today is another obscure group from the 1960's called the Gems. Other than the two outstanding garage songs for us to enjoy there is very little known about the group. Michaelvee of the popular "Mostly Uncomped" blog site pointed out that in Mike Markesich's book "Beyond Teenbeat Mayhem" Mike's  research found that the band was from Jackson, Tennessee and the 45 was released in November 1967. If any one can provide additional details about the group to help to remember them better would be greatly appreciated.
                                                                                      I Just Couldn't See 

                                                                                   What Have I Done To You

Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Wolfmen (Archway)

Superstar Jerry Reed wrote and recorded the song "Take A Walk" in 1967. The following year The Wolfmen recorded a garage sounding cover of the song. It was released on Archway Records located in Saint Louis, Missouri. I noticed on the label that the record is not Mono or Stereo but is Stono (Stereo, Playable Mono). Hum, I have not seen that term used before. Anyway I hope you enjoy the record.
                                                                                          Take A Walk

Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Four Winds (Westland)

Lately its been cold and snowy here but that's OK. It gives you a chance to relax, spend time with family, read, watch a little TV and to simply count your blessings. I have been recently watching shows on the tube of  those who have struggled for freedom and demonstrated great courage in times of adversity. The folk sound of the 1960's often tried to capture this in song. Today I would like to highlight a folk group called The Four Winds. Their 45 was released in 1965 on the Westland label located in Richland, Washington. Additional information about the band can be found on the That's All Rite Mama website. Check It Out
                                                                                                 The Enemy

                                                                                            Hear The Sound

Friday, March 1, 2019

Kerry's Akoustiks (MARKUS)

Here's a record I just had to highlight on the blog. In late 1965 Kerry's Akoustiks  released this double sided garage gem. Unfortunately this was the groups only release as far as I know. That's to bad, I really like the sound that they had. The Group is believed to have hailed from the state of Minnesota. They did a real nice fuzz version of "I Can Tell" and they follow that up with a strong version of "Blues Stay Away From Me" on the B side. Nice record!
                                                                                 Blues Stay Away From Me

                                                                                            I Can Tell

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Pidge and the T-Birds (Continental)

Hello everyone. I would like to feature this obscure 45 that I found while on a trip last year with my wonderful wife. It was with several other records (covered in dust) at a small flea market in Ohio near the Pennsylvania state line. Cool name for a group, Pidge and the T-Birds. The record did come with  a picture sleeve which has the names of the band members who performed in the recording of the record. From the sleeve you can also see that it was recorded in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania in 1982. The Group was certainly trying to capture the sound of the 1960's. Side A "Sherry' Fool" is a nice ballad. Side B "Hey Girl" has a garage "Hang on Sloopy" sound.

                                                                                          Hey Girl

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Freddy Karl and the Jades (J H N)

I am aware of at least two 45's that were released by Freddy Karl and the Jades. The first which I have never heard was on the Suave Record Label in 1964. Interesting is that Roy Head And The Traits also released their haunting Texas blues ballad "Pain" on Suave that same year. The other record was on the JHN. The numbers and symbols in the dead wax shows that it is a Monarch Pressing also from 1964 . The Band's "Ain't That Loving You Baby" has a fast moving beat with harp. Love it.
                                                                    Ain't That Loving You Baby

Friday, February 1, 2019

Kleen-Kuts (Vitality)

The Kleen-Kuts were from Pensacola Florida. This is a promo copy of the Band's 1966 release on the Vitality label. The 45 has the song "You're my summer love" on the A side. I would like to highlight the song on the B side of the record. "I've found a new love" has an awesome teen garage sound.
                                                                           I've Found A New Love

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Super Gamma Rays

The Super Gamma Rays were reported to be from the small town of Richmond, Ohio (Population approx. 500 people). The exact date for the release of this record is not known. It is believed to have been in 1967 or early 1968. The A side of the record "I Don't Care" has a garage beat with horns. All the known copies of the 45 have this song as the 'Plug Side' on the label. The B side "Clap Your Hands" is a frat mover with heavy drums and tambourine through out and lots of hand clapping. I'm sure the band members were exhausted after playing this one. If anyone can provide additional information or photo's of the Group would be greatly appreciated.
                                                                                        I Don't Care

                                                                                     Clap Your Hands

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Dick DeWayne (B K)

Dick DeWayne release two outstanding records in the 1960's. His first was a killer instrumental released on Adona Records in 1962 as the Dick DeWayne Combo. The record feature on the blog today is his 1963 follow up on BK records. It is a gem as well. Both songs on the 45 are great. "The Foolish One" and "I didn't figure on him to come back" have the early 1960's moody Teen sound. I decided to highlight only one side of the 45 to showcase how talented he was. If you happen to find a copy of either 45 they would certainly be a nice addition to your collection.

             I didn't figure on him to come back

Sweet Soul Six (Star X)

Hello to all. It has been over a year since my last my post. Man, how the time has flown by. Like many of you I enjoy the sound that comes from a vinyl record. While out and about I still stumble across records that I have never seen before. Some probably have not been played in 50 years or more. Some are very good. With this in mind I would like to feature one of those obscure vinyl records. The Sweet Soul Six had the Garage/Psych sound which was popular in the 1960's. In late 1967 the band released their one and only 45 on the Detroit Michigan Star X record label. As you can tell from the recordings below the group was extremely talented. Surprisingly I could not find any additional information about the group other than what I have shared. I would like to learn more about the band. Maybe you can help. Anyway, Happy New Year. I hope 2019 will bring you prosperity and good health.

                                                                                       I Ain't Complainin'