Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Skavengers (MAYN)

In a continuing attempt to remember and honor some of the lesser known groups from the 1960's, today I would like to feature The Skavengers. Rhythm Guitarist Randy Souviney was very gracious to shared a brief history of the group which I present for you on the Artyfacts In Wax blog. Thank You Randy.

Allan Pelletier     Nick Forest          Randy Souviney      Peter Trott
The Skavengers
                                                      (Maine & New Hampshire Band)

 The original Skavengers were formed in the early 1960s by Erlon Bailey, a fine guitarist and songwriter from central Maine, Chet Hinkley (bass guitar and vocals), Allan Pelletier (drums and vocals), and his brother Claude Pelletier (rhythm guitar and vocals). Randy Souviney joined the band in 1964 when Erlon left to join another group named The Things, and Chet and Claude soon followed. Nick Forest and Peter Trott were recruited as new members and the band continued performing as The Skavengers for more than a decade. When the group recorded its single, And She Lied / Lend Me Your Love at Ace Studios in Boston in 1965, the line up was of Nick Forest (lead guitar), Allan Pelletier (bass and vocals), Peter Trott (drums) and Randy Souviney (rhythm guitar and vocals).
  The band played hundreds of concerts throughout Maine, including the popular summer venue, the Merry Barn in Boothbay, the PAL Sock Hop in Lewiston, the Rosedale Barn in Bath, and the Capitol Theater in Augusta. The group stayed together in various configurations in Maine and New Hampshire well into the 1970s. Music has remained an important part of the lives of the four band members. They continued to write and record songs and perform in local groups as they pursued independent careers in public service, programming, retail and academics.
Recently, The Skavengers reunited in Dresden, Maine to record a new CD, Eastern River Blues, which was released in 2016 (available on iTunes, CD-Baby and most online services, including
                                                The Skavengers on Soundcloud