Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Holidays

Hi everyone. Happy Holidays. I came across a couple interesting blogs that is worth mentioning. The first is the Golden Voice Recording Company. It has background/history of the groups who recorded at the Golden Voice Recording Studio in the 1960's. A couple of highlights for me is the history of The Camaros and the Wombats. Another cool blog is Rip It Up Rhode Island which features bands from the Rhode Island area. Both have very good information. I have featured some records that I like. I hope you will find these 45's as enjoyable as I do and that it might stir conversation about the artist who made them.

                                                                       The Minutemen - Thinking of You

                                                                The Patriots - The Land Of No Return

                                                                    The Royal Knights- Yes it's me
                                                                        The Corals - Love You Baby

                                                        The Brian Ross Playboys - Someone to Love

                                                       Al Riccio and the Noblemen - For Losing You

                                                                           Skip Arne - Night Life