Thursday, June 30, 2011

Aramis (New)

I would like to step out of the 1960's for this next post. Aramis (Air'-ah-mis) was a  1970's group that recorded  one 45 on the NEW record label. Lead singer Gary Hurt was kind enough to provide information about the group , which I feature for you today.
Gary Hurt (in window), Fernando Mirelez , Mike Hall (Center) Steve Brown, Marty Cain (far right)

Aramis formed in 1972, We originated in the small town of Pittsboro Indiana, which is 12 miles west of Indianapolis. The band members were Steve Brown (Guitar,Keyboard), Fernando Mirelez (Bass) , Mike Hall (Guitar), Marty Cain (Drums) and myself with the Vocals, Lead Guitar and Keyboard. The ages of the band members ranged from 16 to 22 years old. We were influenced by groups such as Jethro Tull, Grand Funk Railroad and the Beatles. The group performed at community gatherings and many after school activities. Aramis was popular locally , In 1974 the band was awarded winner of the Hendricks County Battle of Band's contest. Soon after, we recorded some of our original songs formatted for eight track playability." Innocent Lady" was one of those songs chosen to be released on a 45. I don't remember exactly how many were pressed but I believe it was less than 300.  The single received  air play on the local radio stations for a brief time. The photograph of the group was taken of us standing on the roof of an old farmhouse.  After the tragic death of  Steve Brown the group disbanded. On occasions some of the band members will perform together.

Aramis -  Innocent Lady / Images    1974 45rpm
Gary Hurt - Plenty for Everyone     2000  solo CD album


Thursday, June 9, 2011

More-Tishans (Peak)

The More-Tishans recorded only one 45 which has appeared on different compilation albums. I saw a photograph taken of the More-Tishans standing by their hearse , and I thought , "I doubt you would find any bands today traveling from gig to gig driving such a vehicle". That's what made 1960's so unique. The More-Tishans were Chris Nelson, Roy Herschleb, Dick Schreier and Hugh Kraemer