Monday, March 5, 2012

The Conchords ( A G A)

 The Conchords band members were Sonny Geary - vocals and guitar, Ron Nash - vocals and drums, Phil Hutchinson - vocals, Mike Geary - keyboard, and Bill Bailey - lead guitar.  The matrix number on the label shows that is from 1966. More info about the group is desired, maybe someone can share their story. It would be much appreciated .

The Illusions (Pama)

Not much time for posting these days but with said I would like to feature a 45 from a group called The Illusions. They were from the Garfield Heights, Ohio area . The Illusions performed together from 1963 -1966. Band members included Chuck Matousek (vocals/sax/leader), Glen Estronic (keyboards), George Stage (drums), Eddie Kray (bass), and Tony Wesolusky (guitar). The record featured today is from 1965, it was the group's only release.  The great Buckeye Beat website has a nice history and some cool photos of the group that is well worth checking out.