Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Double Spin from 1967

Hi to all. I decided to highlight two lesser known bands from 1967. The Canadian Legends who were actually from Louisiana released a couple of 45's. The record featured today was groups first release in April 1967. "Just One Girl " has a catchy sound similar to The Outsiders "Time Won't Let Me". The Huntingtons from Hoquiam, Washington release there one and only 45 in May 1967. Both songs on the 45 are good. "You Better Mend Your Ways" has a garage sound . The group changes it up on flip side with the ballad "I Told The World".  A brief history of the group can be found on the Pacific Northwest Bands website. All comments about these two bands are welcomed.
                                                                    Canadian Legends - Just One Girl

Marty Martinson,  Mike Sturm,  Lee Smith, Bob Dalyrymple,  Gary Mclaughlin,  Dick Brown
                                                                     The Huntingtons - I Told The World