Monday, January 6, 2014

Mike McKenzie and the Embers (Crash)

Hello to all and happy new year. To start 2014 off I would like to feature a record by Mike Mckenzie and the Embers on Crash records. "My Summer Star" is a gem. It's a moody garage song with a nice beat. The band does a decent cover of "I Want to Do It" for the flip. The record label has a slight tear were the year of the copyright is. Its look like 1965, the numbers etched in the dead wax are SJW 8476 which is a Wakefield pressing number. Malcolm Chapman has a really cool website about all the different pressing facility's .  It shows the record was pressed in 1966. I would also like to thank Mike Markesich for giving me some tips about how to locate the numbers etched in the dead wax. Anyway if anyone has information about the band I would appreciate your comments.
                                                    Mike McKenzie and the Embers - My Summer Star

                                                       Mike McKenzie and the Embers - I Want To Do It