Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Handful Of Obscurities

  I was in my man cave passing the time, listening to some records. I came across a few that I hope will bring some enjoyment and also maybe stir conversation about the artist who made these 45's. It's a mixture of Rock, Folk and Country/Western. I would like to start off with the cool twangy song " Baby Remember Me" by Al and the Echoes on the Echo label. It was released in 1966. The band members are listed on the label. The flip is a C/W ballad.
  The Destinations release a two record's that I know of. Both are on the "D" record label. On this 45 the group recorded this nice Folk sounding ballad "Let Me Down Easy". The other side is an instrumental. Their other record released in May1965 has the moody song " Baby Don't". From the number on the label, the record feature on the blog seems to have been released before the group's May 1965 record. But I'm not for sure.

  Linda Wilson recorded this killer song "La-Dee-Daa" that was released on the Spindle record label . It's a gem! Great beat sound. The flip side is a teen ballad, nothing like "La-Dee-Daa". I read she was possibly from Kansas City, More info is desired.

 Lastly I would like to feature another C/W song by Cliff Clay. It's a trucker song, certainly not what I normally post but I really enjoy the guitar and the beat on "Road Runners". Maybe you will as well.