Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Royal Knights

The Royal Knights hailed from Lewiston, Maine. They were very popular locally and was a regular on the Portland, Maine WGAN televised teen dance show Club Thirteen. The group release a total of three records on the Fireball label. Band members consisted of Ed Boucher (Lead guitar), Paul Boucher (Drums,Lead Vocals), Guy Mathieu (Rhythm Guitar) and Ronnie Morin (Bass). Ed Boucher had a major impact on the New England music scene in the 1960's managing and promoting several bands such as the Innkeepers and Terry and the Telstars. I found a couple documentaries of the Royal Knights on the web that I think you will enjoy. Both are a nice tribute to band.
1995 PBS Documentary
PAL HOP 2010 Reunion

Record Discovery
Chief Whoopin-Koof / Long Long Ponytail     Fireball FL-101
Forever Little Girl / Knight-Mare                   Fireball  FL-103/104
Sweet Revenge / Yes It's Me                       Fireball  200660 / 200661
It's A Lie / Seven Veils of Arabia                  Unreleased Acetate

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The New Dawn (Garland)

Garland Records (Salem,Oregon) released several 45;s. Some are highly desired by collectors. The New Dawn  original band members included Dan Bazzy (Drums,Vocals), Bobby Justen (Bass), Bill Gartner (Vocals, Harmonicia), Joe Smith (Lead Guitar) and Larry Davis (Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar). The group formed in 1967. I think this record featured on the blog by the band was released in late 1969. I enjoy both of the songs on the record. "Why Did You Go" has heavy organ throughout, and nice beat. The group would also release a very cool limited pressing (500) LP album"There's A New Dawn" on the Hoot label in July, 1970. I have provided a link for additional information and current activities of the group at Dan Bazzy and the New Dawn . The above 1970 promotional photo of the band was courtesy of Dan Bazzy. 

                                                                         New Dawn - Why Did You Go

                                                                                  New Dawn - Tears