Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Echotones (Dart)

I usually feature some of the lesser known groups from 1960's. For this post I would like to step back a little further in time to 1959 and remember an outstanding record by The Echotones. Their song "So In Love" is one of the better teen ballad's from this time period in my opinion. " My Baby Doll" has a fast beat with a rockin' guitar solo.

The Maveriks (Presta)

Hello to all. Here is a 45 by The Maveriks on Presta records. One side is country & western while flip side has this great song "Wonder Why which is more Rock n Roll. I noticed the label shows the writers of "Wonder Why" as Floyd and Jerry Westfall. The Westfall's had a very successful recording career with a huge following in their home town of Phoenix in the 1960's. As members of the group the Door Knobs, they scored with the regional  hit "Hi-Fi Baby"on Viv records in 1965.  In 1966 the Westfalls switched to Presta records and released a couple of 45's as Floyd and Jerry with the Counterpoints.