Sunday, February 3, 2019

Pidge and the T-Birds (Continental)

Hello everyone. I would like to feature this obscure 45 that I found while on a trip last year with my wonderful wife. It was with several other records (covered in dust) at a small flea market in Ohio near the Pennsylvania state line. Cool name for a group, Pidge and the T-Birds. The record did come with  a picture sleeve which has the names of the band members who performed in the recording of the record. From the sleeve you can also see that it was recorded in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania in 1982. The Group was certainly trying to capture the sound of the 1960's. Side A "Sherry' Fool" is a nice ballad. Side B "Hey Girl" has a garage "Hang on Sloopy" sound.

                                                                                          Hey Girl

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Freddy Karl and the Jades (J H N)

I am aware of at least two 45's that were released by Freddy Karl and the Jades. The first which I have never heard was on the Suave Record Label in 1964. Interesting is that Roy Head And The Traits also released their haunting Texas blues ballad "Pain" on Suave that same year. The other record was on the JHN. The numbers and symbols in the dead wax shows that it is a Monarch Pressing also from 1964 . The Band's "Ain't That Loving You Baby" has a fast moving beat with harp. Love it.
                                                                    Ain't That Loving You Baby

Friday, February 1, 2019

Kleen-Kuts (Vitality)

The Kleen-Kuts were from Pensacola Florida. This is a promo copy of the Band's 1966 release on the Vitality label. The 45 has the song "You're my summer love" on the A side. I would like to highlight the song on the B side of the record. "I've found a new love" has an awesome teen garage sound.
                                                                           I've Found A New Love