Monday, June 4, 2012

The Chantells (Century)

The Chantells were a Richmond ,Virginia area group.. Tommy Woodcock was the lead singer. The Chantells released a couple of 45's. The label on this record looks like it might have been a promotional copy for the group. The writer of the songs are not listed.


  1. Hi! Thanks for posting this. Exactly the sort of moody garage I like, soaring vocals an additional treat. Just got myself a copy after hearing this. Great!

  2. Just an anecdote for you. I was reading my teenage diary earlier and saw that on October 23, 1965 (I was fifteen years old) I attended a dance at The Commonwealth Club in Richmond, VA. I mentioned the band: the Chantells. While I have zero memory of them, I was pleased to Google and find this site and hear music I surely danced to that night.