Monday, July 30, 2012

Court Jesters (Royale)

Here is an interesting 45 that I have failed to find any information about. I like the raw sound by the Court Jesters on both sides of this record. It would be nice to learn more about the band . Maybe someone can share the group's history or the year of the record's release.


  1. interesting? grandioso, Johnny! both sides (even the moody b-side grows on me)
    no idea were these chaps hailed from, there were Court Jesters in TX (Drive me crazy, on US Garage Greats) and another combo with the same moniker who cut Come tonight (on Debris #16) but it seems like these Jesters are neither one of these...
    best greetings!

  2. Hi Michael
    As always thank you for your comments.Yea,it is a mystery for now."Who you Thinking about" has sort of Garage /Bubblegum sound.