Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Young Men (Maltese)

 Hello. Before the month, gets away I would like to remember a really good band . The Young Men released two 45's on the Detroit, Michigan Maltese record label. The record featured today was the groups first release. "A Young Man's Problem" generated much excitement and was popular locally. The song charted as high as number 15 on Southfield, Michigan's WXYZ radio in April 1966, but the single failed to gain in popularity nationally. The flip side "Angel Baby" is brilliant. The Young Men's follow up 45  "Go away girl  /  A thought for you"  is a nice two sided gem as well. They had a nice sound!

                                                        The Young Men

                         Maltese 105   A Young Man's Problem  /  Angel Baby

                         Maltese 108   Go Away Girl  /  A Thought For You


  1. Hi Johnny,

    ...a great double sider indeed, Angel Baby was new to me and you're absolutely right, a fine moody slice that make me think of the Beach Boys...

    thx as always and best greetings!

  2. Hello Michael
    They were talented.

  3. A cool protest song and poundin' riff (like I love). Great. I dont care much for the Angel Baby flip side.
    Would love to hear the later single Go Away Girl posted sometime.
    Really enjoy your posts. thanks for sharing.

  4. I'm trying to find the Go Away Girl 7" , if anyone can help me out , send me a message .

    1. I can help you with finding Go Away Girl. I used to play lead guitar in the band and probably have a demo copy here somewhere. It was never released in the US but did get faviorable play in the UK.

  5. The second 45 is the rarest of the two releases from the band. I wish you the best in finding the record for your collection.

  6. Hi Chris
    I would like to learn more about group, please email me.