Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Romans ( D B )

The Romans were from York, Pennsylvania. Band members included Tom Elicker (guitar), Dick Reisinger (organ), Barry Leach (drums) and Tom Henry (bass). All the members of the group attended York Suburban High School. Warren Duffy of WSBA radio heard the band performing at a local event in July, 1964. He encouraged them to make a record. In March 1965 the group recorded two original songs at the Alkazar Ballroom (York, PA) . Those recordings were released on the DB record label. "The Drag" has a fast moving frat sound while the flip side "After You Go" is an excellent slower garage ballad. Nice record!

                                                                            The Romans - After you go

                                                                          The Romans - The Drag


  1. After You Go is fantastic - thanks for posting!
    I just ordered the Stompin' Time Again CD comp (subtitled "A Collection of Southern Pennsylvania's Greatest Groups (1965-'74) Featuring the Pee Vee and DB Labels"), where The Drag is featured.

  2. Along with the cool music, The Stompin Time Again comp comes with an interesting 24 page booklet detailing the history of each group. There is a photo of the Romans in that booklet along with more history of the band. I think you will enjoy it. For some reason "After you Go" was not included on Stompin Time Again. That's too bad. Maybe the experts compiling the songs for the new Teenage Shutdown albums will find "After you Go" worthy enough to be included. It would be nice to hear a quality recording of the song. As you can tell the 45 I have is a little scratchy. pfft Thank you for your comments.