Monday, April 2, 2012

The Van Goghs (Grendel)

The Van Goghs band members were Bill Gannon, Steve Fales, Roy Nelson, Randy Smith and Greg Morrison. "You Have Changed" has that great garage sound. The flip side"Quiet Girl" is more of surf sounding ballad.


  1. Providence, Rhode Island band. This Decca custom press is from January 1967. I have their second 45 somewhere - Now She's Going Out / Gone (Arco SC-2126) 1968 - by which time their line-up included Pete Shepley from The Others. See Mike Dugo's interview at for full story.

    1. Pete (R.I.P.) wasn't in the band when the Arco record was recorded. Bob Johnson (The Others bass player) did play violin on the tracks.

  2. I love "Quiet Girl." It's such a weird and comforting record.

  3. Hi Frank
    The Van Goughs performed all over the New England area back in the 1960's. I imagine it is a song that many couples slow danced too at some of these shows.

  4. Grendel was Greg Morrison's nickname, and, we needed a label name. (This was a vanity pressing.)
    Max Myndblown, how do you know the date of the pressing? I don't see it on the vinyl anywhere.
    The second record (on Arco) was actually before Pete Shepley (of The Others) joined the band, although, his band mate Bob Johnson (bass) played violin on both sides of the Arco record.
    There was a third record, with Pete, recorded in New York (Bubble Gum Tree b/w Tears In My Heart). With the exception of Roy Nelson on keyboards, we did not play on the record. It was all set up by the writers/producers Joey Day and Alan Dischell.
    I recently "switched sides" and, in September of 2014, did a reunion show with The Others in Pawtucket RI. This past weekend, they were inducted into the RI Music Hall of Fame and, I again joined them for their performance.
    I don't find The Others on this site. Too bad; they cut some great sides.

  5. Hi Bill, I appreciate the additional history of the Van Goghs 45's. The Others had some great music and was well deserving of their award. The Rip it up Rhode Island blog has very good story and history of band . I'm glad to hear you are still jamming on the guitar. I'm sure it was a good time for all. Divshare has completely stop operating. Not for sure if it will be permanent but I am looking to update the blog before to long. Bill when you get the time email me a picture of the Van Goghs. I would gladly post it on the blog. Take care

  6. Hi Bill, the pressing date comes from the Decca custom matrix #s (201,157 and 201,158) plus a dating table used by us research geeks.