Friday, December 24, 2010

The Red Coats (Orchid)

In 1966 The Red Coats recorded this very nice moody garage song on the Orchid label. The flip side has more of a mellow pop sound with a decent organ . They would later change their name to the Sunday Funnies.

                                                                         The Red Coats - You Told A Lie

                                               The Red Coats - I'm Goning To Tell You About My Baby

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  1. I like this 45 a lot - thanks for posting it. I didn't have details of it when I did an entry for Sunday Funnies in the Fuzz.. book.
    Band was from Ripley, TN. Their 1967 follow-up, credited to The Sunday Funnies, featured a cover of Poison Ivy backed by Just Send Her To Me, the signature song of local rivals The Tight Little Unit, from Millington, who put out an LP.