Friday, December 24, 2010

The Quinns (Capito)

From Michigan, the Quinns in 1966 released this cool 45 on the Capito label.


  1. Does anyone know who the members of this group were and if they had other recordings?

  2. Hello
    Thanks for your interest in the record. I would like to know more about the group myself. I could not find any information about the The Quinns. I look at my copy of the 45 and there are five names that are autographed on the record. It looks like Gary, Pete and Doug. The other two I can't be sure of. "I knew" is the A side and was the side that was probably played by radio stations but I really like "It's been a long Time". Donald McCants was the song writer for both the songs on this 45. Larry Capito's record label released another 45 by a group called the Ultimates (Soul) in 1968. As far as other Captio releases that again is information I currently don't know. Thanks for your comments. Sorry I could not answer your question. Maybe others will share that info.

  3. I believe Gary would be Gary Jaworski. He was my uncle and sadly died about 5 years ago.

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Laura. Thank you for your comments. I would love to learn more about band and its members. Any photos or other information about the Quinns would be greatly appreciated

    2. The members of The Quinns are as follows:
      Bobby George-Bass Guitar
      Gary Jaworski Lead Guitar
      Pete Gajasvich (spelling?) Rhythem Guitar
      John Cologne Drums
      Doug Rexroad Lead singer

      Bobby George is now in a band called George Brothers, he also played with Teen Angels. He also went on tour with Mitch Ryder.

      Doug only keeps in contact with Bobby George and has been looking for the rest of the members. He will look for pictures but is not sure if he has any.
      Most of the band was from Hamtramck Michigan.

  5. Thanks great info Laura. I will gladly post what ever photos you may find. If you can scan them and sent them to the blogs email address that would be great.