Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Gatormen (Camelot)

The Gatormen were from Juneau, Alaska. They were very popular locally. The group traveled to Seattle, Washington and recorded a couple 45's for Camelot Records.."Namu the Killer Whale" was the most remembered song from Gatormen. The record featured today is the lesser known 45 from the group. Band member Bill Johnson shares a nice history of Gatormen that is worth your time to read. He also provides some cool photo's as well.  
                                                                        The Gatormen - Hey Girl

                                                                           The Gatormen - Oh Honey


  1. Cool that you've found another 7 inch of the Gatormen! I love that band! Very good site!

  2. Thank you Popscene for your comments.

  3. Actually, they were Juneau~Douglas... friends and neighbours with them. That's ok, we will share with our neighbours to the North! :-)

  4. Great.Thanks so much for the correction and also for directing me to the cool story about the group. The link will be added to blog. Again thanks you for your comments.