Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Crimson Shades (Cinemasound)

The Crimson Shades were from Toledo, Ohio. In late 1964 the band released their only record on the Cinema sound label. "Don't Chase Me Away" and "I Wrote My Love A Letter" are original songs by the group. Both have a swirling organ sound. Nice record.
                                                            The Crimson Shades - Don't Chase Me Away

                                                       The Crimson Shades - I Wrote My Love A Letter


  1. both sides are great Johnny (and unheard), good find! There will be a "best of Artyfacts 5" soon....
    stay cool bro!

  2. Hi Michael
    The group had talent. I was reading on the Buckeye Beat website that the group had what they called "The Toledo Sound". I was thinking of what are some of the coolest band names from the 1960's. For me The Crimson Shades would rank up there in top 30. Thank you for your comments

  3. The Everly Brothers visit the Carnival of Souls! A truly weird, muddled sound. Nothing else like these two sides!

  4. Hi Frank. "Don't Chase Me Away" is real nice. The flip "I Wrote My Love A Letter" sounds like it may have been recorded at a different time or location. Maybe in a open theater.

  5. bro, this is just o let you know I've just prepared my Artyfacts5 CD and it's a blast! strangly, from the wildest and crudest to the moody ones, they all share the same taste... a delight, thx alot!