Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Ghost Riders (Newland)

The Ghost Riders were from Indianapolis, Indiana. The record was release in 1971. The group does a faster rock cover of Mel Tillis's  1966 song "Mental Revenge". The flip "Ghost Rider Theme" is the band's version of the Ramrods "Ghost Riders In The Sky"
                                                                  The Ghost Riders - Mental Revenge

                                                                  The Ghost Riders - Ghost Riders Theme


  1. great find Johnny, thx for posting!

  2. Nice to hear from you Michael. Glad you liked it. My research said the record was released in 1971. The group's sound on the 45 seems to be earlier than that to me.

  3. Howdy Johnny;
    What an unexpected surprise (Mental Revenge) very Kool post. Just last month I bought a double CD of Gram Parsons and the F.B.B.'s "live at the Avalon Ballroom 1969, Mental Revenge was one of the tunes featured. Thanks Johnnie O. Like I said very Kool post

    1. Thank you Tom, the Ghost Riders version of "sweet revenge" is very catchy. My older brother liked the early Flying Burrito Brothers material.

  4. Fan of the "early" Burrito Brothers "too" Johnny, Right back at your older Brother, he has good taste, just as you.

  5. Awesome post Johnnie O! After hearing it I thought for sure there would be something about these guys in Larry Goshen's Anthology of Indiana Music, but suprisingly they went unmentioned. Sorry I can't help with more info, but thanks for sharing! - Nate

  6. As a side note, judging by the guitar effects on the flip, I'd definitely place it in the late '60s/early '70s realm. Sounds cool! - Nate

  7. Hi Nate. Glad to hear your thoughts about the 45. To me the record has the country/rock sound that was popular back in the day. Its a obscure record maybe others will have details about the band. Thank you for your comments