Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A couple of 45's

Hello to all, I was hoping someone might have information on a couple of records. The first of these is a 45 that was released in 1967 by The Spyres with Mike Prewitt on the Vix label. The group does a very good version of "Baby let me take you home".  The flip has an original song that was written by Mike Prewitt called "Looking for a place". The second record is by Joe and Jeff. It has a crude folk/rock sound. The numbers on the A.P.T 10 label are also etched in the dead wax. I hope this will help to determine the year the 45 was released. I appreciate those who follow the blog and are able to provide feed back on some of these lesser known records. Thank you.

                                                                     The Spyres - Baby Let Me Take You Home
                                                     Joe and Jeff - I want to love you                                                  


  1. 2 nice finds... I'm sorry but ZILCH info. Thx for sharing mate!

  2. Hi Michael, glad you liked the records. I'm sure others a will have some details about the 45's. I am curious what year the Joe and Jeff's record was released. Thanks for your comments.

  3. The Joe and Jeff 45 is a Wakefield Pressing. By the time this disc was issued, they began placing the reference number on the label (18239)
    This release dates to September, 1972.
    Mike M.

  4. Whoops, my gaff: June, 1972 for the Joe & Jeff release eyes seem to fail me the older I get!

  5. Thanks for the Spyres. Never heard that before.