Friday, February 13, 2015

The Losers (Teen)

Very little is known about the Losers except for this 45 the group released in 1966. Teen Records was located in Mount Healthy, Ohio which is in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky metropolitan area. The record label shows the writers of both songs was Don Skidmore, Bill Derossett and Jerry Yount. I am assuming they were the band members. I don't think neither song has appeared on any compilation album. I'm sure one day that will happen. Both songs was well done by the group.
                                                                           The Losers - Open Up Your Eyes

                                                                                       The Losers - I Told Her


  1. Probably a custom label that came out of Rusty York's recording studio in Mt. Healthy. HIs Jewel label is much better known but I'm pretty sure this was also produced by him. Look at the publishing credits.

  2. Thanks Mellow. I was looking at all the different Rusty York's record labels. It seems he produce many different genre of music. Country/Western and Religious 45's being the majority of these.