Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Butterflies (RAB)

Hi everybody. In 1966 a group called The Butterflies released this 45 on the RAB record label. Not much else is known about the band. As far as I know it was their only record. Any information would be great. The female lead singer lets it rip with tuff vocals on both songs. "I'll Still Love You Anyway" has the cool garage sound, while on flip side the band does a strong version of the Animals "House of the Rising Sun".
                                                       The Butterflies -- I'll Still Love You Anyway

                                                         The Butterflies -- House Of The Rising Sun


  1. great find Johnny, a pretty rare platter, seems that not even MTM knows more about the band's whereabouts

    keep on diggin!

  2. For me it is the piece on Rockabilly Carl Trantham.

  3. Hi Hobo, The first thing I thought was The Butterflies sounded a like some of the girl bands on the Girls In Garage series like Denise or maybe the Beetle-etts just to name couple. Thank you for your comments.

  4. I, Howard Fischer, was the manager of the group. Just found your site when thinking back.
    They were four teenagers from Brooklyn. One was named Jody Firodilisi. I cannot remember the others. They played all the instruments on the recording. We had them play a gig at Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey. I had a partner named Al Brown (lost touch with him). That's about all I remember now. I had lost my 45rpm and other details.

    1. Another was lead singer Maddy(?)Cohen. I also lost my 45rpm.

  5. Thank You Howard for the additional details about the band. If you come across any photo's or remember other details about the group just email me I'll post it on the blog.