Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Chambermen (Chambermen)

The Chambermen were a popular high school band from Spokane, Washington in the mid 1960's. The group entered a Spokane battle of the bands contest with the winning prize being a recording deal to cut a 45 single. The Chambermen won the contest. The band went into the studio and recorded this really nice garage 45. It was the groups one and only record, the band would break up not long after this single.


  1. Again a great obscure record! I love how they've stolen the day tripper riff on the A side! Is it hard to find?

  2. Popscene I only wish the Chambermen would have recorded another 45, they were great. Most bands in mid 1960's were influenced by the Beatles, Stones or other British invasion groups in some way or another. I'm not sure how many of The Chambermen 45's were pressed. I would say it's not extremely rare. I wish you the best in your search for the record. It well worth having in your collection.

    1. Ah thank you for the info! Your blog is really good, i've discovered a lot of good songs! I was really pleased to discover the review of the Gatormen second 45! I've covered the first one on my sixties blog and I was happy to discover that there was another one! The search continue :)!

  3. . .the show of obscurities goes on......I will never get tired to hear another version of Midnight Hour..

    best greetings!

  4. Thanks Michael as always for your comments. The Chambermen's version of Midnight Hour is superb.

  5. That's my dad on lead guitar!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Grew up listening to this record! :) Glad to see it isn't lost.

  7. Slance/ Belessed Life
    Thank you for your comments. Blessed, I would also like to say I appreciate your father and the rest of the group for giving us this outstanding 45. It is a gem. I have enjoyed it for many years. Again thank you for your comments.

  8. The singer's voice hadn't changed yet, but he'll sing a lyric like "When I left my wife and child."
    High school garage band 45s are often entertaining in that way.
    Thanks for the single.