Friday, January 13, 2012

Unknown IV (JCP)

Happy New Year to all. I would like to start the year off with this fast rockin 45 from the Unknown IV out of Raleigh, North Carolina .This record was the group's second release on the JCP label. It's lesser known than  their first 45. It has a similar sound. A nice follow up and well worth remembering.


  1. ....great double-sider, Johnny, whereas the plugside had appeared on one of the first issues of a certain series dubbed 60s (mostly) uncomped (and on Crumbs #3), I did't know the equal awesome flip....

    thanks for sharing as always!

  2. These are really good - thanks a lot!
    To Michael: I don't think any of these are on Crumbs - according to my notes it's All Of The Time that's included on that one (can't find the actual copy right now, so I can't double-check).

  3. Hey John

    Thanks for once again sharing your amazing 45's. I love YOUR blog.


  4. to pfft....

    you're perfectly right, maybe too much red wine last night...

    best greetings from Italy!

  5. Hi Johnnie,
    Thanks for sharing this Invasion-infused 45. Seeing the labels plugs the last gap in my knowledge of their discography, which I also wrote up for Fuzz Acid And Flowers many years back.

    This Raleigh band actually put out three 45s. The first was a micro-press of 100 copies and features a different, 2:55 version of I Want You To Be Mine (3:00 on JCP 1017).

    I Want You To Be Mine / Happiness Ain’t Comin’ To My House (Howell no #)1964/5
    I Want You To Be Mine / All Of The Time (JCP 1017)Mar 1965
    What’s Gonna Happen / Give Me A Chance (JCP 1019)Jun 1965

    Jerry Evans was the main songwriter and, when he contacted me, was a pastor and "practitioner of gospel music". Amen.

  6. Hi Max
    The guys from Raleigh recorded three cool records that's for sure. I am fortunate to have a copy of the Howell 45. "I want to be mine" has slightly faster tempo on the JPC recording. I like both version of the song. If you could email me I have questions about a few records. Thanks for your comments.