Friday, July 8, 2011

The Peppermints (Peppermint)

Here's another interesting 45 that I would like feature on the blog. Originally when I first listen to it I was thinking this band could be a possible early 1960's UK group . To me  "Now I Cry' has a slight hint of the mersey sound on the vocals, it also has a nice guitar solo.  Thanks to MTM from the G45Central the mystery was solved. Here are the facts: The Peppermints were  actually an American band  from Michigan, the bands record was release in 1963. The flip to this record is a Doo-Wop/ Teen Ballad song which I decided not to post.


  1. Thanks for all these songs. They're beautiful!!!! Especially The Fortels Merry go round & The Chateaus!!!

    Thanks for your 45's!!!!

    Hernán from Argentina.

  2. Thanks Hernán for your kind comments.