Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Bedlam Four (Lejac)

The Bedlam Four were from Minnesota . The group formed in 1965, they were originally called the Echomen. As the Echomen they released one 45 in 1966 on the Fox record label. The band would change their name to the Bedlam Four in late 1966. They have that cool Yardbird  R/B sound.


  1. Hi Johnny

    again, a lot of great uncomped beauties... strange that the Bedlam 4's track have been overseen up to both Al&Doc tracks, the Pepermints and the Trophies.. great moody sounds indeed

    thanks as always and best greetings!

  2. Hello Michael
    Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the records.

  3. Hey Johnnie,

    I really enjoy your site/blog. Much Kudos!
    I'm a friend of one of the members of The Bedlam Four, that's how I found your site.

    If it would be o.k. to do so, I'd like to contact you re. getting advice on researching bands, music, etc. However, I'm not too certain how to do so via your site/blog (starting here). I just joined as a Follower today 03.22.13. Any thoughts or suggestion would be much appreciated.

    Sincerely, Ray (Raydog Blue)

  4. Hi Ray
    Thank you for your comments. You can email anytime you would like. My email address is in the sidebar. I enjoy talking about music. The blog is my humble attempt to remember and learn more about the people who made these records.