Saturday, May 21, 2011

Marrell's Marauders ( Fan Jr )

Hi everybody, today I feature Marrell's Marauders aka Robin and The Three Hoods. This 45 has the band's wonderful garage/surf instrumental song " The Marauder" as well as "I wanta do it". The Garage Hangover website has a really good history and photo of the group. There are two reasons why I posted this 45 from this outstanding band . First of course its a great record, second the vocals and the guitar work is a little different on "I wanta do it". Seems to be a little tamer version, let me know what you think.


  1. hi Johnny,

    I wanna do it sounds quite different indeed compared to the (later?) version on Hollywood Records which seems to be not just a different mix but a complete new, spiced up recording.
    The Creations sound great, too, and were missing in my collection (as so many of the gems you're posting).

    Thanks as always, and have a very nice week with lots of sunshine!

  2. Hi Michael
    "I wanta do it" seems to me to have a more Buddy Holly sound on this 45. I was curious if the Robin and the Three Hoods (yellow Fan Jr Label)has the same recording. Thanks for your comments