Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Minets (Rock It)

Peter Glossop       Harry Kotchie                 Bobby Allen       George Warne       Ashton DeMello 

 The Minets were originally from Surrey UK. The popularity of the Beatles and other English groups dominated the Billboard charts. The band traveled to Boston and were instantly popular. They recorded two 45's. Their first record, which I feature for you today was released on the Rock It label in 1964..The group  released their final 45 in 1965 as the Minets of England.
                                                                        The Minets - Secret Of Love

                                                                             The Minets - Together


  1. Just wanted to say I came just came across your blog and what a treat. Great stuff. A music blog
    is always the most interesting when you keep clicking on the next song thinking it may be better than the on you just listened to.
    Keep posting love it.
    Eugene and the Travells what a great 45.

  2. Hi Philo, glad you enjoyed some these obscure 45's. The Eugene and the Travells 45 I found at a flea market for $1. I didn't know much about the group, but when I got home and played it, I was floored. Thank you for you comments.

  3. I have pictures of the band The Minets from 1964 and 1965 if anyone is interested. Also 5 copies of "My Love is Your" their next single.