Monday, March 7, 2011

The Kids (Chroma)

The Kids were a group of talented youngsters from New York ,all under the age of 16. The Kids penned and recorded two original songs on the Chroma label in 1965. The record's picture sleeve has some interesting history and background of band.


  1. This 45 was issued with cool little picture sleeve as well.

    I'm enjoying the site.

  2. I have the sleeve as well and as you said, it is cool. You can hear how musically talented they were, but what impresses me more is that they were so young when they recorded the 45. I've noticed that many garage groups in the 1960's were very young. The Chambermen out of Washington and the Young Monkeymen from Ohio, just to name a few, come to mind. Thanks Westex for your the comments.