Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Sweet Soul Six (Star X)

Hello to all. It has been over a year since my last my post. Man, how the time has flown by. Like many of you I enjoy the sound that comes from a vinyl record. While out and about I still stumble across records that I have never seen before. Some probably have not been played in 50 years or more. Some are very good. With this in mind I would like to feature one of those obscure vinyl records. The Sweet Soul Six had the Garage/Psych sound which was popular in the 1960's. In late 1967 the band released their one and only 45 on the Detroit Michigan Star X record label. As you can tell from the recordings below the group was extremely talented. Surprisingly I could not find any additional information about the group other than what I have shared. I would like to learn more about the band. Maybe you can help. Anyway, Happy New Year. I hope 2019 will bring you prosperity and good health.

                                                                                       I Ain't Complainin'


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