Saturday, January 7, 2017

On the other side

Hi Everyone. To start the new year off I would like to feature the B side of a couple 45's that I think you will find enjoyable.  Both are instrumental and both were released in 1969.  The first of these is a record by Glenn Scott with Lee Kyles Indy Three. The label shows that "The Pill" was recorded live at the Idle Hour Club in Indianapolis , Indiana.
                                                            Glenn Scott with Lee Kyles Indy Three - The Pill

The second 45 is by a group called The Depoe Drifters. The record was pressed by Southern Plastic (SO) in Nashville, TN. The group's "Soul On Fire" has a garage / psych sound.
                                                                             The Depoe Drifters - Soul On Fire


  1. Glenn Scott was my paternal grandfather. I was only 13 when he passed, but I remember he was an incredibly talented musician. It's so nice to see his music is still enjoyed by others. :) Thank you for this.

  2. Hi Chelsea. If you would send me a photo of your grandfather I would gladly post it on the blog. Just send it to my email address Thank you for your comments.