Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Worthy Finds

Hello, after looking thru the stacks of vinyl, I decided to feature a couple of artists whose music has fallen thru the cracks over the years that are worthy to be heard again . The first of these is by a group called The Swivel Hips. They recorded a version of the Ventures "Walk Don't Run" on the Top Hit Tunes record label. Top Hit Tunes records were sold mostly in the Woolworth's five and dime stores. They featured six low budget recordings of the popular songs from the day performed by different artists. As far I could find this was the only song the group recorded. My guess is that this was a studio group. The second song is by Jack Fraley. He wrote and recorded  two songs "Trust in Me" and "Wanderer" on Westland Records in 1966. I highlighted "Wanderer" which was the B side of the 45.  It's a catchy ballad. I think for the time period it certainly had the potential to be a hit.
                                                                        The Swivel Hips - Walk don't run

                                                                          Jack Fraley - Wanderer


  1. Hey Johnnie;
    Walk, Don't Run...very kool. Sounds like it was the Band down the block when I was a kid in the early 60's. Thanks for the listen.

  2. Your welcome Tom, thank you for your comment.

  3. I do love 'Wanderer' by Jack Fraley ... it is such a beautiful song, the lyrics and everything ... it really is a sad song although the allegro music ... I want to thank you Artyfacts ...

  4. Hi Mousiko , I appreciate your thoughts about the 45.

  5. This is weird. This Jack Fraley disc was recorded in my home town. I know nothing about this man, record, or this Westland studio.

  6. I knew and played with Jack...would like to find a copy of the disc. The studio was not called Westland, it was a studio on Thayer drive in the basement of Shorty Holloway. Put out records under a number of different labels.