Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gary Arthur (Debby)

Gary Arthur recorded this two sided gem that was released on Debby Records out of  Chicago. He does a really good version of the Charlie Rich song "Lonely Weekends" and an equally superb teen ballad "The Little Things" that he wrote himself. I would appreciate more information about his recording career.


  1. cool! good find! as always, thx for sharing!

  2. These two songs (especially Lonely Week Ends) are perfect examples of one of my favorite genres, what I call White Boys Who Can't Sing But Know How To RocknRoll. I'm not familiar with Gary Arthur but I can only assume that he is a musician with an ear and can hear the discordance in the instrumentation as well as the singing. Vince Taylor is another excellent example of this genre. The electric piano on records by The Seeds is about a half-step out of key. Rhythm and Blues artists do this all the time and you can especially here it in early Rockabilly tunes from the 50s. All these musicians can certainly hear that sound and must strive to achieve it. There is a huge difference between just the right sound and something un-listenable.
    To me this "not quite in tune" sound exemplifies good, gutsy RocknRoll whether in ballad form or straight ahead Bop. Nothing turns me off faster than overproduction.
    Thanks for these posts and especially for your blog.