Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Echotones (Dart)

I usually feature some of the lesser known groups from 1960's. For this post I would like to step back a little further in time to 1959 and remember an outstanding record by The Echotones. Their song "So In Love" is one of the better teen ballad's from this time period in my opinion. " My Baby Doll" has a fast beat with a rockin' guitar solo.


  1. the best way to start up my day: 3 genuine, uncomped beauties; i LOVE the Echotones, you did well to include them, specially So In Love sounds more Beat than Rockabilly (any clue where they hailed from? maybe New Jersey as the label reads?)

    thank you Johnny and keep ot up!

  2. Thank you Michael, I am still researching for information about The Echotones .I am assuming they were from that area of the U.S.A as label shows..I am hoping to learn more about the band by others who might have more details.I have never heard either song played on some oldies radio stations.. My Baby Doll was included on a obscure compilation called Rock till you drop. Both songs are well done with my favorite being So in Love.. I like the teen ballads. It was nice to hear your thoughts/comments about the 45.