Friday, July 26, 2013

Denny Dale and the Honeymoons (Lejac)

Dennis Gudim recorded under various names. Denny Dale and the Honeymoons was one of those. It was released by Lejac and Soma records. The record I featured on the blog I think was released in 1965. It has the catchy song "Why Did You Leave Me" and the Coachmen's garage classic "Mr. Moon" for the flip side.


  1. a great uncomped never heard double-dish,Johnny, (i guess from MA?) thanks a lot!!!

  2. I am assuming they were from the midwest part of the U.S. since Lejac was a Minnesota record label. The Garage Hangover has a partial discography of the Lejac record label which shows this 45's release date as September 1965. This would be about the same time The Coachmen recorded "Mr. Moon" (August 1965). I was reading that the Coachmen's song "Mr Moon" was well known prior to the group's release of the song on vinyl on MMC records via live performances and shows. The Coachmen were very popular and had many followers. I'm guessing that maybe it was at one of these shows that Denny Dale maybe heard the song or possibly they heard it on the radio. The Coachmen's "Mr Moon" was a instant regional hit upon its release. It's a mystery, maybe someone knows and could share how this came about. "Why Did you leave me" has a cool beat and very enjoyable sound. Thank you for your comments

  3. Hi Johnnie,
    great blog and excellent tastes you have. Only chanced upon your site a few days back while researching other obscure bands.
    DD& Co. were from the Minneapolis area - 45 is a Kaybank press, and normally the numbers would be the same apart from the A/B suffix. However, on your 45 the matrix #s date Mr. Moon to November '65 (5-5965), while the B side (5-5551) is from some months earlier, August.
    The Coachmen's "Mr. Moon" came out in several versions. Originally appeared on MMC 010, first press on BLUE WAX (matrix 5-5669) in August/September, then a later pressing in November on black vinyl (3:02 version, matrix 5-5869), plus a radio promo (matrix 5-5995) featuring 3 versions (durations of 2:07, 1:20 and 3:05). The 2:07 edited version was picked up and released on Bear 1974 in early 1966 (confusingly matrix 5-5869, but with additional RCA matrix #s from '65 and '66).

  4. Hi Max
    I was curious why the matrix numbers were so different. Thanks for your research on the 45 that is very interesting. The only version of "Mr. Moon"I ever heard was the Bear release (that's the one I have).

  5. Maybe I can help out......Yes, The Coachmen's version was the the version that all of us heard, living in the Midwest.I have both labels of it on Bear, and MMC. Living in Sioux City,Iowa, I saw the Coachmen many,many times.Never heard of this guy,Denny Dale.I'm thinking too, that this Guy must have heard the tune "Mr Moon" on
    his local Radio Station. or....purchased a copy of it himself! His tune: "Why Did You Leave Me" isn't a bad tune either! Too bad there was very little promotion on this! Probably was a Venue Only Seller, at his Live Shows.