Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The New Dawn (Garland)

Garland Records (Salem,Oregon) released several 45;s. Some are highly desired by collectors. The New Dawn  original band members included Dan Bazzy (Drums,Vocals), Bobby Justen (Bass), Bill Gartner (Vocals, Harmonicia), Joe Smith (Lead Guitar) and Larry Davis (Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar). The group formed in 1967. I think this record featured on the blog by the band was released in late 1969. I enjoy both of the songs on the record. "Why Did You Go" has heavy organ throughout, and nice beat. The group would also release a very cool limited pressing (500) LP album"There's A New Dawn" on the Hoot label in July, 1970. I have provided a link for additional information and current activities of the group at Dan Bazzy and the New Dawn . The above 1970 promotional photo of the band was courtesy of Dan Bazzy. 

                                                                         New Dawn - Why Did You Go

                                                                                  New Dawn - Tears


  1. another nice find, John, I like the fact that both sides of this 45 sound very much alike...

    (vol. 4 of my very personal selection "uncomped Artyfacts" is quite ready..)

    thx as always!

  2. Hello Michael
    Thank you for your comments. It is nice to know there are other people who enjoy some these lesser known groups. I'm glad the band did not use any horns on either of the songs. Why did you go is my favorite of the two.

  3. These guys later released the muchly sought after "There's A New Dawn" lp.

  4. Hello Westex
    Thank you for your comments and also for reminding me of the band's LP. As always I appreciate your thoughts. I updated the blog with the additional info. Several killer tunes on the album that for sure. "It's raining" and "Its a new dawn" two name a couple are outstanding. Too bad the band did not get the necessary exposure needed to high lite their music. They were very talented.

  5. John,
    I was surfing around on the web and stumbled onto your site. Thanks for the kind words. I am surprised that you found a copy of our 45. It is even rarer than our 1970 LP. It is also nice to find a site where the info on the group is correct. The info on most sites isn't that accurate. Jackpot records in Portland re-released the 1970's album in CD format in 2009 and re-released it in LP format last year. We are still together, although I am the last original member, and play at benefit concerts a couple of times a year. We released the "Rekindled" Christian rock album in 2006 and hope to release another secular rock album in the future with songs that I wrote back in the 70's that would have been on our second album. The groups website at has pictures of the group back in the day. Once again, Thanks.

    Dan Bazzy
    The New Dawn

  6. Hi Dan
    Thank you for your comments, I appreciate that. I updated the blog with a link to the band's website. Maybe other's would like to know the latest about group and your music. I was curious if this 45 on Garland charted on any of local radio station's back in the day. It's a nice record.

  7. We used it as a demo record and sold it in clubs that we were playing at. It was never promoted. Some of the local radio stations in towns we were performing in did play the record and it seemed to get a pretty good response. Originally, when we were ready to cut the 45, I had two songs picked out that I wanted to use on the record. I was the only song writer in the group at the time, or so I thought. The co-lead singer in the group, Bob Green, threw a fit wanting to know why we were using two of my songs instead of one of mine and one of his on the record. I apologized and told Bob I didn't know that he wrote or that he had a song. So he taught his song to the group, a song called "Tears". We recorded the two songs and that would have been the end of the story, but we found out the following year just before we were to start recording our 1970 album that Bob had taken a song off of an album by a group called "The Wailers" called "Tears". We listened to it and he used the same words, the same chords, and even the same name. Bob hadn't changed a thing. He had already been fired from the group several months prior to this and since it was a demo record, no harm no foul I guess. Bob, is also part of the reason that the record is so rare. He had a bunch of them in the trunk of his car and claimed that someone broke into it and stole them. We think Bob got to thinking about what he had done and was worried about getting caught stealing someone else's song and destroyed all of the records he could get his hands on. - Dan Bazzy

  8. Thanks Dan for sharing a little history of the 45 and also for providing a nice color photo of The New Dawn.

  9. What an awesome find, "Why Did You Go" is such a solid tune. Thanks for the opportunity to hear this rare 45, which until now I didn't know existed. I have enjoyed the New Dawn LP for years, great to get some of the story from Dan Bazzy. Thanks again.