Sunday, September 4, 2011

Johnny and the Rivieras (Kyra)

Hello everybody. I read  that  Johnny and the Rivieras were from the Sacramento California area. The labels show that  Johnny Brazo was the song writer for both sides of this amazing 1966 record. 


  1. .. a greast double sided gem of the moody side of Garage.... great find, Johnny

    as always: thanks a lot for sharing and best greetings

  2. Hi Michael
    I'm glad you enjoyed the moody rhythm on this 45.It would be nice find more information about the band. They had a nice sound. Thanks for your comments

  3. Rock and Roll may have originated from a conglomerate of Jazz, Boogie Woogie, Country Western, Rhythm and Blues, etc. But what makes the music for me is when white artists took over what was up until that time a black genre and adopted it for themselves.
    My favorite music was made by what I call "white boys who can't sing." Johnny and the Rivieras is a perfect example and I love it!
    Thanks for the post.