Thursday, June 9, 2011

More-Tishans (Peak)

The More-Tishans recorded only one 45 which has appeared on different compilation albums. I saw a photograph taken of the More-Tishans standing by their hearse , and I thought , "I doubt you would find any bands today traveling from gig to gig driving such a vehicle". That's what made 1960's so unique. The More-Tishans were Chris Nelson, Roy Herschleb, Dick Schreier and Hugh Kraemer


  1. Sure can, the bass is real cool. I've practiced my bass guitar many times while listening to the instrumental side.

  2. Just found this site. Thanks for the More-Tishans 45. These guys were a great group. I'm thinking I saw them in the mid-late 60's along with Tommy Bolin/The Patch of Blue, in Sioux City,Iowa, or Sioux Falls,South dakota