Monday, April 4, 2011

The Only Ones (Sight)

The Only Ones were from Hutchinson, Minnesota. The group released this 45 on the Sight label in 1965.


  1. I just found a copy of this record and wonder if you have any idea where I might find information about the Sight record label.


  2. Hello
    No info sorry to say on your question about Sight records. I will try to find what info I can. I'll post it on the blog if I come across that information. Thank you for your question.

  3. The Only Ones was reportedly a pseudonym for Mike Glieden & The Rhythm Kings. In March 1966 the Bud-Jet label put out three sampler LPs, Top Teen Bands Vol.1/2/3. With This Kiss was featured on Vol.1, The Party's Over appeared on Vol.3. All three LPs were reissued on vinyl in 2003.
    As for the Sight label, I suspect it was a one-off "vanity" label, like many other Kaybank pressings. If there are others, the most likely place to find them would be the Kay-Bank pressings blog/website...