Sunday, February 6, 2011

Johnny Jay (CRC)

Johnny Jay was very talented artist who recorded this nice two sider on CRC. The CRC (Cherokeeland  Recording Corp.) label was out of Calhoun Georgia. He also recorded as Johnny Jay and the Shays on another 45.


  1. ... yep! a beautiful (and never heared) double-sider!

  2. Michael Vee
    As always, I appreciate your comments and I'm glad you liked the Johnny Jay 45. I really enjoy his music as well. I'm hoping to find some more information about him because he was very talented.
    Johnnie O

  3. Both sides we're killer, The T4KM prefix tells us that it's a RCA Custom pressing from 1966

  4. Hi MrTeenSwe
    When compiling information for a brief history of Johnny Carter's (Johnny Jay) musical career in December 2011, I asked him about the date of the pressing's of his two records. Johnny explained to me to look at the label of each record. There is a code. The first number is the month, the second two numbers is the day and the last two numbers is the year. Looking at label on this record that you asked about, the code is 92065 (September 20 1965). I hope this help's you. Even though having some health issues last year Johnny was gracious to answer all my questions in every way and provided pictures and label scans of his first 45 for the story that I posted on the blog in December 2011. Johnny has put together a CD of his musical career. It has both his 45,and some cool unreleased material as well. For more info about the CD, Johnny can be reached at Thanks for your comments