Monday, January 10, 2011

Hitch Hikers (Phalanx)

The Hitch Hikers were from Kalamazoo Michigan. They recorded two 45's. Today I feature the bands first 45 from 1965. The record is not in the best shape but it still gives you a taste of their killer Garage sound. The band members were Steve Van Den Burgh, Ralph Cole, Doug Nuyar and Ed Linenthal. They would later become The Thyme.


  1. Ralph Cole went on to form Lighthouse. Another member of The Hitchhikers/Thyme was in SRC for a short while. I have a cleaned up version of this on a cd with several other Kalamazoo & Battle Creek bands.

  2. What's the name of the CD? Sounds like a good one. It certainly would be nice to hear a quality recording of "Someday Baby"

  3. Sorry, it's a home made double disc with all SW MI bands on it that only has about 12 copies in existence, and they went to the band members or the record owners.